Shengyang Stainless Steel Flexible Pipe Tubing
Shengyang Stainless Steel Flexible Pipe Tubing


Stainless steel is made from austenitic stainless steel type 304 S16 to BSS.1449 (type 316 can be used on request). It is manufactured by winding profiled strip into a tube and completely interfolding the edges.

Typical Applications:

Shengyang tubing has high tensile strength and strong resistance to crushing. This tube is particularly well suited to absorbing vibration, thermal expansion and noise attenuation. Ducting of air, smoke, fumes, etc. Dry bulk handling; ash, dust, paper trim, grain, plastic pellets, etc. Protective capillary casing of instrument cables, wires, etc.

Special Features

This product is extremely versatile and can be manufactured ‘Loose’ or ‘Floppy’ (up to 76mm ID) like a very flexible conduit or it can be made ‘Stiff’ or ‘Stayput’ which enables it to hold its shape and makes it ideal for exhaust applications. If it is not required to be especially floppy or stayput the tubing is supplied with Medium Flexibility (Mid Flex) as standard.

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