why choose Sheng Yang

1 Extensive specifications available

Product specification model is complete, the cable waterproof connector product specifications and varieties of more than 3100 species, for the domestic counterparts of the most  into the product navigation.

We know that your needs are comprehensive, so we provide a full range of cable connector products to meet the needs of different projects. Just make the most suitable product for you. For details, please contact our customer service staff.

2 Speed response

The fastest and most effective response, you will have a better overall cost to help you go beyond all competitors.
Contact us by telephone, MSN, QQ and online customer service, are available in 5 minutes to respond effectively. Fax, e-mail can be effectively responded within 30 minutes.

With the needs of your choice: All products’ fastest supply cycle can be for the working day of the hour. The cycle begins when our company confirms the order and terminates at the time the goods are sent out of our company, not including the transit time of the goods to the customer.

3 Flexible and convenient way of trading

You can get quotes by phone or online and place an order at any time.

We have flexible procurement program for different customers, so that you can easily get the benefits of services. The new customers can enjoy cash on delivery service, please contact our customer service staff for detail. Go to the Buying Guide.

4 No minimum order limit

We know that as a design engineer, will often order a small amount of products.

We know that as a professional procurement, production scheduling has zero inventory needs.

Based on this, we have no restrictions on the amount of the order, you can always order based on actual use.

5 Free samples available

You can fill out the sample application form online, fill in a few simple items can be obtained in 30 minutes. Into the free samples.

You can also use fax, telephone, e-mail, MSN, QQ, and any ways you get used to for samples, valid replies are immediately available. We have done all the actual application 90%  rate of support, we guarantee that in all regions of the country (remote areas except) samples will reach your hands in the next day.

If you are unsure of the device you need or require further technical information, you can also contact us for technical support Into the Selection Guide.

6 Conventional products 7 days unconditional return policy

1)By the time of receipt shall prevail, after customers purchase ( If there is a clear sign of time, 168 hours after that time was 7 days; If only have the date of receipt, to the next day at 0:00 as the starting time, after 168 hours was 7 days).

2)Goods received within 7 days, if the product is not satisfied, do not like or there are quality problems, In the absence of the use of the product case (except for quality problems), can be unconditional return.

3)Process: Dial 4007797857 by 3 select after-sales service. Describe the type of application "replacement" "return", or contact the sales clerk. We are committed to within 1 working days to complete the conventional products 7 days unconditional return policy.

7 Special requirements 100 MOQ

Any non-standard and color can be negotiated with us to order, such as long thread, stainless steel, high temperature, acid-resistant, blue and red, and so on.

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