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Equipment Connector

Cable Gland

Cable gland, also known as cable waterproof connector, Cable fixed head, widely used in machinery and equipment electrical, marine electrical, corrosion equipment, wire and cable fixed and protection.

The main function of the cable head is the cable fastening and sealing.

Fastening means that the cable is locked by cable, so that the cable does not produce axial displacement and radial rotation, so as to ensure the normal connection of the cable.

Seal is often said that the IP protection, that is, dust and water proof, as for the protection level of gland to see the structure of the manufacturers gland. Up to IP68.

There are some special places to use the grand, such as shielded cable waterproof connector for the cable with a shield; for armored cable armored cable waterproof connector; suitable for mine and other dangerous areas of the explosion-proof cable waterproof connector.

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