Shengyang PA Corrugated Pipe Industry Application
Shengyang PA Corrugated Pipe Industry Application

PA Corrugated pipe in the auto parts industry, mainly used in automotive wiring harness assembly, including: automotive air-conditioning pipe casing, wire harness bellows, wire harness flame-retardant bellows, automotive ventilation pipe, refrigerated transport vehicle dripping pipe, automotive wiring harness, automotive braking system casing, car oil and gas pipe, machine tool wiring harness, such as various types of automotive corrugated pipe, Air conditioning dripping pipe.

PA Corrugated pipe in the field of architecture and decoration, as the nylon corrugated pipe has corrosion resistance, impact resistance, anti-aging, high strength, easy to bend, construction and other characteristics, can be widely used in outdoor communication cable and cable sheath piping system, including the Inter-bureau relay pipe, wire, feeder pipeline, Wiring pipelines and special-purpose network pipelines and long-distance communication pipeline, with a strong use, suitable for cable, wire and many other cable wear and drop.

PA Bellows due to its excellent performance characteristics of nylon corrugated pipe, in the machinery manufacturing industry, is widely used in various electrical, mechanical, machine tool casing, wire pipe, while plastic bellows and various types of adapter reasonable collocation, can be a good role in mechanical assembly and mechanical interface.

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– Electrical cable gland wiring solution for wiring protection with R&D support
– Various industrial Nylon cable gland for various cable protection
– Various industrial Metal cable gland of different design and purpose.
Corrugated conduit of different material for cable shielding.
Conduit fittings for safe connection.
– Other wiring accessories to meet all your needs.

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