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Equipment Connector

Cable gland, also known as cable waterproof connector, Cable fixed head, widely used in machinery and equipment electrical, marine electrical, corrosion equipment, wire and cable fixed and protection.

The main function of the cable head is the cable fastening and sealing.

Fastening means that the cable is locked by cable, so that the cable does not produce axial displacement and radial rotation, so as to ensure the normal connection of the cable.

Seal is often said that the IP protection, that is, dust and water proof, as for the protection level of gland to see the structure of the manufacturers gland. Up to IP68.

There are some special places to use the grand, such as shielded cable waterproof connector for the cable with a shield; for armored cable armored cable waterproof connector; suitable for mine and other dangerous areas of the explosion-proof cable waterproof connector.

Equipment Connector

New Energy Vehicle

Can be used of three kinds material PE, PA and PP extrusion molding, In order to protect the wire and cable from cut, mechanical damage, etc, Having good flexibility, good bending, acid-resistant, wear-resistant,makes it possible for wire, cable protection.

More suitable for some corners or curved wires protecting.

It can be customized as flame retardant type and split open type according to customer's requirement.

Application: Corrugated pipe is widely used in mechanical equipment, automatic control, automobile, subway, electric switch cabinet and other industries.

Car engine is surrounded by high ambient temperature, corrosive gas and liquid.

The Corrugated pipe applicable here are flame retardant, waterproof and wear-resistant.

Power System

Wire and Cable exposed to floodwaters should be replaced to assure a safe and reliable electrical system. When wire and cable products are exposed to water or excessive moisture, the components may be damaged due to mildew or corrosion. This damage can result in insulation or termination failures.

The problem can be more severe if the components have been subjected to salt water during hurricanes, etc., or inland flooding where there may be high concentrations of chemicals, oils, fertilizers, etc.

Wire and cable that is listed for dry locations only, such as NM-B, should be replaced if it has been exposed to floodwater. NM-B cable contains paper fillers that can pull contaminated water into the cable, which can cause premature cable failure. Flood damaged cable should be replaced to assure a safe and reliable installation.

Products listed for wet locations, such as THWN and XHHW, may be suitable for continued use if no contaminates are present in the cable. There may be problems that show up later because of corrosion of the conductor. This could result in overheating of the conductor. If the ends of a conductor have been exposed to water, the cable may be purged to remove the water. An insulation resistance test should be conducted before the cable is energized.

All wire or cable products that have been exposed to contaminated floodwater need to be examined by a qualified person, such as an electrical contractor, to determine if the cable can be re-energized. Flood damaged cable may not fail immediately when energized. It may take months for the cable to fail due to damage caused by floodwaters.

Railway Coupling


Electromagnetic interference (EMI), also called radio-frequency interference (RFI) when in the radio frequency spectrum, is a disturbance generated by an external source that affects an electrical circuit by electromagnetic induction, electrostatic coupling, or conduction. The disturbance may degrade the performance of the circuit or even stop it from functioning.

The growing challenge of preventing electromagnetic interference (EMI) is particularly acute in the automotive sector. Cars feature increasing numbers of electronic systems, often in close proximity because of packaging constraints.

Information systems such as GPS receivers, entertainment systems such as DVD players, and convenience features such as reversing aid cameras all create additional sources of electromagnetic noise. They also increase the number of components that can be affected by interference. The introduction of hybrid and electric powertrains presents further sources of EMI. High-voltage systems and battery packs introduce additional EM noise and create further pressure on vehicle packaging, crowding systems more closely together. As vehicles become more dependent upon the real-time exchange of electronic data, the risks from corruption through EMI vary from mild user inconvenience to major loss of vehicle function.


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